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Family Tree is freeware for creating and manitaining a family tree database conatining parent-child links for each member of the family and informations describing each person - such as name, dates of birth and death etc. The person's picture can be included too. The application also keeps track of marriage relationships. Features:
  • freeware
  • works on PC 386, 4MB RAM or better
  • requires cca 2MB of free disk space
  • Windows 3.1x or newer

Info: Shank@info-sektor.hr
12.08.2013. We have been forced to change our URL from http://may.homeip.net/f3 to http://may.hopto.org/f3. That's because DynDNS deleted hostname because of change in their "SLA policy".
16.12.2011. You can also download this software at http://www.tucows.com/preview/981783/Family-Tree?q=family+tree
13.12.2011. Site was down again from 10.12 till 13.12 because 2nd server crashed. Both PCs dead, want boot, no beep, fans running. Installed on 3rd.
02.12.2011. Site was down from 18.11. till 02.12. because of server crash. Sorry for incovenience.
-full version is now aviable for free :)
-new web site released
1996. version 0.5 released as shareware

Disclaimer: this software is provided "as is", the authors are not resposible for damage of any kind or injuries caused by its usage.