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„Invest" is simple and free excel program for tracking the profit and loss in trading stocks, shares in investment funds or any other type of trading.

Features of the program are:

  • enter, modify, or delete transactions,
  • enter, modify, or delete ticker prices that applies to a specific date,
  • download the Zagreb Stock Exchange share prices,
  • review of the profits, revenues and dividends by ticker,
  • history overview and the graphs of the profit, revenues and dividends,
  • custom names of the sheets, columns, menus and labels,
  • in-out data transfer by use of the standard windows copy+paste functionalities.

Info: drshank@gmail.com
12.08.2013. We have been forced to change our URL from http://invest.endofinternet.net to http://may.hopto.org/invest. That's because DynDNS deleted hostname because of change in their "SLA policy".
16.12.2011. You can also download this software at http://www.tucows.com/preview/981782/Invest?q=invest
13.12.2011. Site was down again from 10.12 till 13.12 because 2nd server crashed. Both PCs dead, want boot, no beep, fans running. Installed on 3rd.
02.12.2011. Site was down from 18.11. till 02.12. because of server crash. Sorry for incovenience.
30.01.2011. version 2.0 (bilingual) is out
12.11.2010. few bugs in translation corrected
07.11.2010. version 1.1 released: translated on English. Croatian (old) version of the site is aviable here.
24.09.2009. version 1.0 released
08.09.2009. under construction

Disclaimer: this software is provided "as is", Use it at your own risk, and its authors are not responsible for any trading losses or any other damages resulting from its use.